Animation & Production Services

Animation: making ideas move.

Animation brings to life the complex ideas of science and makes sense of intricate feats of engineering that otherwise lay flat on a designer’s sketchpad. Animation can also purely entertain and help convey an idea with style.

Whether you’re looking for character design and development for a playful, digital company spokesperson, or seeking to communicate complex ideas to a non-technical audience, we’ve got the tools to produce fully animated DVDs for broadcast, in-house, or online viewing on your website.

From pre-production to production to post-production, Linnihan Foy Advertising provides what you need to produce a dynamic animation for your sales presentations, website, trade shows, training seminars, employee orientations and more.

We offer complete pre-production services, including creating concept art, scripting and storyboarding; to total production that encompasses animation, illustration, 3D animation, integration, and computer graphics; to the post-production cutting floor where editing, motion graphics, and sound design come into play to create an animated production that enhances your brand and communicates your message.

Check out some of our past animation production projects:

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