Marketing Services

Discover better advertising with market research and Linnihan Foy.

You’re almost ready to launch a new product or service, but you want an idea of how your target market will respond. Or maybe you’ve implemented an ineffective advertising campaign, and aren’t sure why it isn’t influencing consumers as you envisioned. Perhaps you want to know how to better serve your clientele.

Market research is the process of helping clients dig up this information and using the uncovered data to better your business.

The entire process of market research involves developing research instruments, collecting information, conducting analyses, and presenting data in relation to industry trends to position your company in the best possible light. From focus groups to surveys to strategic planning initiatives, at Linnihan Foy we’ve got the tools and connections for conducting primary and secondary research, and the strategic knowledge to help you make sense of the data and make confident changes to help your business grow.

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