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So, what makes Linnihan Foy right for you? Excellent question. We offer clients a chance to be better. We offer the opportunity to spend wisely, promote smarter, look better, and communicate more effectively. We provide an ideal mix of integration, experience, fit, and global reach to improve your position in one or multiple markets.

100% of the recommended ingredients to help your business grow.
We pride ourselves on being a full-service ad firm. If you’re into buzz-terms, you could say Linnihan Foy is a FIMBAPRO™ (that’s a Fully-Integrated, Marketing, Branding, Advertising and Public Relations Organization). But we’ve never been impressed by jargon, and we’re guessing you feel the same. So let’s leave it at this, from print to broadcast, animation to interactive, media-buying to guerilla marketing, SEO to video, public relations to ad campaigns, market research to strategy, Linnihan Foy Advertising has the people, partners, know-how and capabilities to provide whatever it is your business needs to grow.

The know-how to help you grow.
For the most part, Linnihan Foy is made up of experienced, savvy advertising vets who’ve been there, done that and survived the random grenade explosion. For you, this is a very good thing. It means having true, senior level marketing specialists working on your projects.

Some agencies might pass your project to junior staffers. This results in junior level work.
Luckily for you, Linnihan Foy doesn’t have a JV squad. The upshot? Turnaround is faster, ideas are better and outcomes improved.

The right size for your success.
We’ve taken on clients that had nothing more than a cocktail napkin for a business plan. We also work with several international market leaders and some of the largest businesses in their categories – and in the world.

When it comes to fit, many firms find Linnihan Foy is “just right.” We’re among the top 25 ad agencies in the Twin Cities. That’s pretty good considering the competition.

Questions about our marketing agency? Just contact us.