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Our know-how ensures we can do.

Linnihan Foy Advertising has developed a deep understanding and strategic knowledge of several industry niches. Some sprouted from one client whose success caught the attention of additional clients within the same market. Others arose from personal passions.

No matter the origin, our specialized niche experience has become a direct asset to our clients.

We understand how these markets work. We know the competitive landscapes. We have an intimate knowledge of the media. We know audience behaviors and preferences.

The result of that marketing experience? More targeted and insightful advertising. Shallower learning curves that consume less of our clients’ time. And ultimately, better overall marketing solutions.

Whether it means establishing initial branding, developing rebranding strategies for a new product or service, integrating public relations and marketing collateral, or developing interactive web programs for a trade show, our experience in the following niches will work to provide better marketing and advertising for our clients.