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Media Buying & Planning

If you really want to get your marketing message across, you have to reach your target market in a variety of mediums. Some consumers pay more attention with their ears during the evening commute. Others are convinced by the sights and sounds of television. Still others retain a message by reading all about it in the press.

With virtually limitless technology, you can get your message to the masses using all kinds of media planning and advertising strategies. But where should you advertise? What’s the best media mix for reaching your target markets? With TV, radio, cable television, outdoor advertising, print, broadcast, trade publications, newspapers, mass transit advertising, magazines, online and a heckuva lot of other B2B and B2C options, what’s the best strategy for reaching your target market?

Fortunately for you, we know the media intimately. We research market trends. We know the facts and figures of who’s watching, reading and listening. We know what messages they’re paying attention to.

As a full-service agency, our media planning and media buying experience at Linnihan Foy Advertising will do more than simple ad placement. We’ll help create and implement a plan that will deliver a higher return on your marketing investment.

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