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Package Design

Retail packaging can be every bit as important as the product it holds ­– if not more so. See, consumers do judge books by their covers – as well as food products, tools, electronic accessories, sporting goods and all other packaged goods. In rare cases, opening the package is even part of the ownership experience. More typically however, the role of the package is to contain, attract and explain. At least, that’s the formula Linnihan Foy Advertising utilizes, and this is why our retail packaging can be found around the world in big box retailers, small boutiques, drug stores, motor-sport stores and more.

The first thing we do is account for shipping, usability and security. Then we look at the package’s power to attract. Retail shelves can be some of the most competitive playing fields on earth. Your graphics need to fight for attention. Third, we examine your product and communicate the most relevant selling points. It could be product education (what is it), separation (why it’s better) or clarification (why you need it).

The best salesperson your product can have – and often times, the only voice promoting it – is the packaging. Linnihan Foy Advertising can make sure your packaging is working for you.

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