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Strategic Planning

“Why” is a powerful question. Perhaps that is why so many companies avoid answering it.

Clients often come to Linnihan Foy Advertising asking for X, saying they want Y or are desperate for Z. But in far too many cases, these requests don’t come with a strategy explaining why they need it and what it will accomplish. At best we hear “we’ve always done this” or the competition is doing so we have to follow suit. No, no you don’t. You have to find what is most effective for your audience and shows your product in the best possible light. That’s hard to do if you’re trying to follow in a competitor’s strategy.

The Linnihan Foy Advertising strategic planning process is built around answering the question “why”. We begin by seeing who your company is and how it stacks up to the market. Who are the players? What are they offering, saying, and doing? Where are the opportunities? What has no one thought of? What ideas can we improve upon? How are customers reacting, trending and deciding? We also seek research we can tap into for further insight. Then, we take our findings, apply our experience, thinking and gut instincts to develop a strategy that will move your company forward toward real, clearly defined goals.

Thinking it’s time to focus less on the “what” and more on the “why”? Let Linnihan Foy Advertising help.

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