Andy Weaver - Linnihan Foy

Andy Weaver

Senior Designer/Art Director

Andy isn’t a magician. But he conjures an acute sense of creativity into everything he touches, bringing a level of mystique to the field. From web design to art direction to brand identity, Andy’s sharp style lends intelligence and aesthetics to any client project, all while captivating the target audience and helping ensure client ROI.

“To quote a former boss, ‘Design is an invitation’ – an invitation to the audience to experience and become involved with the product or idea. At Linnihan Foy, the client mix of business and consumer industries hones my skills and brings interesting opportunities to create beautiful, compelling designs while engaging and persuading the audience.”

“My wife and I have a young toddler who delivers a steady stream of entertainment. I’m the oldest of four siblings and we all live in the Twin Cities area, near St. Paul where we grew up. I like spending time outdoors, and I’m a big nerd when it comes to fantasy and sci-fi books, movies and activities (silence, D&D haters). Plus, I have Celtic heritage, so I fit in just fine with the Irish shenanigans at Linnihan Foy.”
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    301 Inc
    Andrew Zimmern
    Best Buy
    Blue Cross Blue Shield
    Bulwark FR
    City of St. Paul
    Coop Principal
    Equal Exchange
    Studio E
    Galactic Pizza
    Red Kap
    Geek Squad
    Northland College
    Project 515
    Public Art Saint Paul
    Pure Bar
    Seward Coop
    The Ordway Gardens
    Wedge Community Coop