James Caples - Linnihan Foy

James Caples

SEO Manager


James hails from the field of digital strategy. Having worked various roles within digital through freelance and Twin Cities advertising firms, James is now taking on the role of SEO Manager at Linnihan Foy.

When it comes to SEO, James considers his experience the key to success in this role. He says, “After 8+ years working within agile development lifecycles across regulated and non-regulated industries, I have become highly technical and digital savvy helping clients build sound organic strategies for the digital future. James also has a Full Stack Web Development Certificate from the University of Minnesota.

Outside of work, James can be found attending live theater, volunteering, playing pick-up basketball with friends and exploring new indigenous cultures through travel and research. James is also a chicken wing connoisseur and is constantly grilling his own wings and trying different flavors.