Marie Ross - Linnihan Foy

Marie Ross

Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital marketing, specifically SEM, is Marie’s happy place. It’s a space where she can provide clients with data-driven facts – a space to help them make decisions without bias.

Over the years, Marie has acquired a plethora of experience in digital, helping build and manage internal teams from the ground up for organizations like the Star Tribune and Luther Automotive. In these roles, she learned to properly analyze data and use what the information is saying to help clients pivot, optimize and make the best decisions.

Marie’s experience has also made her a global traveler, driving marketing initiatives for the Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies – a university geared toward study abroad students from the U.S. and Western Europe. While at YCMES she developed a complex knowledge of how global factors play a part in digital marketing.

When not at work, you can find Marie “co-refereeing” her two boys, Owen and Louie, with her husband Greg. An upcycling junkie, Marie and her family are always looking for their next creative reuse project.