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Helping energy and utility companies shine brighter

Our depth of understanding enables us to get directly to the solution for equipment and services that aid in the production of energy – from raw materials to the engineered product. We’re aligned throughout the energy ecosphere – from fuel production to engineered products and services that serve power generation to serving utilities themselves and reaching consumers. Simply put, we have experience across the board.

Energy marketing that generates powerful results.

1. The insight to navigate the challenges in the heavily regulated, complex and extremely competitive energy sector.

In today’s hyper competitive and highly regulated energy market, there’s no room for wasted marketing dollars. Every marketing decision must cost-effectively generate leads while enhancing and differentiating your brand. Leading organizations realize that to win, they need a proven and experienced marketing agency to help them grow faster and more cost-effectively. At Linnihan Foy, we combine decades of energy industry experience with a combination of smart strategy and creative storytelling to share your message, build and sustain your sales pipeline and, ultimately, convert customers into brand advocates.

2. A trusted partner in the energy industry.

Linnihan Foy understands the long sales cycle and other nuances of the energy sector. Are you in the industry of energy from production of oil and gas, refining of oil and gas or products and services sold to power generation utilities? We understand the motivations and relationships between all key players. Our unique experience allows us to provide you a robust portfolio of proven strategies and tactics to overcome the toughest utilities and energy marketing challenges.

Leading energy organizations realize that to win, they need a proven and experienced marketing partner to help them grow more cost-effectively.

3. We’re well-connected.

Our long-standing relationships within the industry help our clients in a number of ways. Our media ties continually help our clients get more and better coverage. Our knowledge and relationships with rep firms help our clients improve their sales network. And our many connections with industry players lead to strategic alliances or merger and acquisition opportunities.

4. Specialized expertise. Senior-level professionals.

In an age of specialization, we have all the seasoned professionals in all disciplines that matter to create a well-oiled marketing effort: marketing strategists, writers, designers, digital strategists, search marketers, videographers, media planners, social media specialists and traditional media planners.

5. Fully integrated marketing under one roof.

Linnihan Foy is a fully integrated marketing resource. We have all the services that can create or refresh your brand and connect you with your audience. That makes for a seamless brand experience and less hassle in managing your marketing.

– Branding
– Business consulting
– Digital and traditional advertising
– Direct marketing
– Marketing strategy and management
– Media planning and buying
– Public relations
– Social media
– Video production and animation
– Website design and development

6. Immediate impact. Better marketing.

With little or no learning curve, we are plug and play. We can efficiently and effectively manage your complete marketing efforts or dovetail into your current capabilities. We help utilities market themselves. Ultimately, our experience and insight helps our energy industry clients get better, more focused marketing to help them grow.
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