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A Better Brief

Add a visual element to improve your design briefs

MARCH 1, 2019

by Erik Lillejord

In the month of March, we are going to explore the topic of design inspiration. This should open a window to where our designers find inspiration and how they channel it toward their work.

We typically think that design inspiration shouldn’t be driven exclusively by creatives. For work to be collaborative and strategically sound, some of that direction should come from the client side of the relationship. The trouble is that explaining design direction via a Microsoft Word document is hard, even for the most experienced of account people.

There’s got to be a better solution. And luckily, there is.

To help make this process more effective, consider creating a mood board to convey your vision to your creative team. Find examples of digital design, print pieces or packaging that reflect your vision. And don’t stop there. Search for inspiration from the world of fashion, industrial design, architecture, automotive design or even Mother Nature. Go crazy. The broader the base is that you pull from, the clearer your vision will become.

No, you don’t have to get out the glue stick and scissors if you don’t want to (it probably isn’t the most effective strategy anyways). Just attach the images that you like to the Microsoft Word document you and your team are working off of, and let your designer take it from there. Another suggestion is to create a Pinterest board for your agency, and create new Pinterest boards for each project or campaign you and your team is working on. It’s a highly visible solution that can be accessible to everyone on your team.

The benefit? You’ll have considerably more involvement in the creative process, and your design team will love you for breaking up the monotony of reading long briefs. Watch our social channels in the month of March to see the most recent mood boards that we have created for current projects.

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