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Linnihan Foy Adds Ben Robertaccio as Account Director

NE Minneapolis Agency Bolsters Automotive Category Experience with 18-Year Industry Vet

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019

Linnihan Foy, a Northeast Minneapolis agency specializing in the art and science of building brands, is welcoming Ben Robertaccio as Account Director.

With nearly two decades of experience in the automotive industry, Robertaccio is tasked with growing the category within the agency. Specifically, Robertaccio will help the agency’s automotive client’s build brands and create multi-faceted marketing campaigns.

“We’re excited about what Ben’s passion and experience will bring to our team,” said Sean Foy, Co-Founder & Partner, Linnihan Foy. “He knows the industry inside and out and will help our clients build meaningful connections with those who matter most.”

Prior to joining Linnihan Foy, Robertaccio served as Marketing Director for Morrie’s Automotive Group. In his role, he was responsible for growing the Morrie’s brand, leading overall marketing strategy and managing the internal marketing team.

“Many opportunities lie ahead here at Linnihan Foy, and it’s exciting to be a part of,” said Robertaccio. “This agency holds a rich history of elevating dealership brands, and I look forward to combining what I’ve learned on the dealership side with the expertise at Linnihan Foy.”

JUNE 6, 2019
Simplify Your Writing – Improve Readability
By Max Sundermeyer, Writer

Writing for readability is a major facet in today’s content creation. The problem is that many writers, especially beginning writers, feel longer content with larger words equal better content. Read more >

MARCH 1, 2019
A Better Brief
By Erik Lillejord, Account Director

In the month of March, we are going to explore the topic of design inspiration. This should open a window to where our designers find inspiration and how they channel it toward their work. Read more >

FEBRUARY 5, 2019
Flannel Thursday
By Max Sundermeyer, Writer

The idea was born years ago when a few members of our team decided to carve out a special day of the week to don the official fabric of Minnesota (if it’s not our official fabric yet, it really should be). Since then, a simple effort to make our wardrobe, and our crew, more casual has subtly sparked a sense of camaraderie within our team. Read more >

JANUARY 17, 2019
The State of SEO
By Kayla Trevino, Sr. Digital Strategist

SEO has become almost an ambiguous acronym used in every digital conversation. Designing a website? Did you consider SEO?Writing new copy? How will that impact our SEO? Developing a Paid Search strategy? How will this coincide with SEO?
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DECEMBER 17, 2018
Oh boy! A new look for Linnihan Foy: Re-Introduction in the Age of User Experience
By Neal Linnihan, President

Change is a part of life. In an industry where it’s your job to stay ahead-of-the-curve, there’s no time to kick your feet up and coast. At Linnihan Foy, we combine the art and science to build brands. Recently, we discovered an amazing opportunity with our brand. It was time to rally around what we do best.
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