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Opportunistic by nature.

An independent, full-service agency. On a collision course with distracted, message-weary consumers. So how do we manage to engage them? First, we check our egos at the door. Then we build a new door. Or even a crawlspace. Whatever it takes to knock down the walls. It’s all about creative problem solving. Let’s get to work. If the work starts feeling like fun, know this. You’re in the right place.


  • Business & Marketing Consulting

    To know where you stand is to know where you must take a stand.

    It has never been more complex to connect brands with audiences. At Linnihan Foy, in addition to marketing expertise, we bring business consulting. As veterans of the business world, we draw from a wealth of experience and thought leadership in multiple industries. We arrive at the big idea by starting with your unique value proposition. We craft well-supported conclusions. We state your business problem. And deliver your reason “why.” There will always be new ways to reach your audience. Our role as your marketing partner will constantly evolve. For our part, we will always bring you the most efficient and effective solutions to get the results you expect and deserve.

    • Business consulting

      We are a business-minded branding agency up for any challenge. We bring a deep understanding of a number of industries along with a wealth of marketing insights and creative tools.

    • Marketing strategy and management

      Today, we have more access to the facts, data and insights than ever before. We use these tools to articulate your value proposition and build your key messaging platform – the foundation of your brand.

    • Project management

      The role of the project manager is to be an organizer, facilitator and motivator. From start to finish, they are the point person keeping the entire team on track, on time and on target. They are also preparing for what comes next by measuring, learning and responding to results.

    • Performance reporting

      Data tells us when to zig and when to zag. Collecting it, analyzing it and putting it into action is the new currency driving today’s knowledge economy.

  • Creative Expression

    Smart, unique and relatable. The building blocks of powerful creative.

    Everything we do is creative. The value of strong creative is its power to guide consumer behavior and create demand. At Linnihan Foy, we define, distill and express brand value by creating emotional connections through truthful storytelling. The polish, personality and purpose we bring solves your business problems, generating the results you seek. Traditional advertising has long been the foundation of a good marketing plan. Today, that’s changing. The tools themselves are becoming the creative product: the solution can be an app, an interactive PDF, even a dashboard that brings newfound value to your products or services. There are more opportunities than ever for us to tap into ideas and executions that will transform your brand into a powerful target audience magnet.

    • Brand identity

      Your brand exists to assert your place in the world. It gives you a podium, a spotlight and a voice.

    • Digital and traditional advertising 

      We’ll make sure you don’t get lost in the world or in cyberspace. From SEO to SEM, we’ll expand your digital footprint far and wide.

    • Direct marketing

      We get real customers to raise their hand. Then we deliver the right response.

    • Website design and development

      Your website should deliver a dynamic user experience. We’ve got the expertise, whether you need an overhaul or a complete rebuild.

    • Video production and animation

      Small screen, big impact. Video content presents one of the best opportunities to reach, teach and influence your target audience.

    • Packaging

      They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. That’s not the case for retail products. If it lives on a shelf, our package designers are masters at elevating its presence.

    • Content marketing

      Content is your opportunity to educate, entertain and provide a brand experience that compels your target audience to ask for more.

  • Media Planning & Buying

    Data is nada until put to good use.

    This is about finding your audience and keeping them glued to your brand. Information fuels accuracy. Technology drives action. Laser-guided media strategy maximizes efficiency. Whether your audience is a single decision maker or a billion end users, we’ll find them, put you front and center and keep you there. There’s no textbook, it’s an individual process. Our team of media mavericks will get you the results you’re after.

    • Competitive research

      We’ll show you where and how your competitors spend their dollars.

    • Audience analysis

      Discovering the demographics and media consumption habits of your intended audience gives you a detailed perspective of the landscape.

    • Qualitative research

      Understanding how your audience consumes media and the role media plays in their lifestyle translates into where and how we reach them.

    • Cross-channel media overview

      Tapping into our findings reveals your ideal media mix. Change is constant.

    • Media planning

      Forming a cohesive media strategy enables us to deliver a media plan with key goals.

    • Media buying

      Strong negotiation skills and long-term relationships are still the most important assets.

    • Post-buy analysis

      It takes an eye for detail to make sure your buy is delivered and the results are measured.

    • Co-op management

      An intimate understanding of co-op parameters enables us to meet strict requirements and guidelines in order to manage the submission process.

    • Reporting and reconciliation

      Staying on top of the details enables us to conduct a full analysis of campaign results to measure against objectives.

  • Public Relations

    Audience finders. Audience keepers. Audience winners.

    Our role as your PR firm is to win audiences. The power of a good story can never be underestimated. When you have something to say, Linnihan Foy helps you say it with enthusiasm, conviction and substance. Great PR sparks trust, loyalty and passion while shedding light on your best qualities. We make sure you don’t miss these opportunities. Our team of experienced experts implements strategic communications to develop, nurture and maintain relationships between you and your relevant universe.

    • Content development

      Our eyes and ears are tuned into your industry and the world at large. Wherever there’s an opportunity to foster relationships on your behalf, we’re there.

    • Media relations

      We’re well connected. And we bring the knowhow to get you in front of the influencers who attract the right audiences.

    • Event planning and execution

      When we’re not reporting great stories about your brand, we’re creating them. From planning to execution, media worthy events keep you current and relevant.

    • Social media

      As an extension of your paid and owned channels, we drive social media by creating the fuel that ignites conversations across the right platforms.

    • Internal communications

      Your employees are the backbone of your organization. Your employee value proposition (EVP) needs to be nurtured and communicated.

    • Issues and reputation management

      When a crisis occurs our team goes into action creating the appropriate content necessary to overcome negative media attention.

  • Social Media / Community Management

    As long as people are connected to their devices, we keep you connected to your people.

    Everyone wants to know what people in the know are saying, thinking and doing. We’re here to help you build a following of loyal customers who can’t stop singing your praises. As an extension of your paid and owned channels, we drive social media by creating the fuel that ignites conversations across the right platforms. Go viral go.

    • Channel strategy and management

      You need a social presence but there’s no reason to be everywhere. We discover where your place in the social media landscape should be.

    • Content development and delivery

      Social media is a delivery mechanism. We go where the audience is and plant the content for the audience to consume and share.

  • Application Design & Development

    Productivity through functionality.

    Digital technology creates new ways for companies to deliver value. We help you uncover opportunities to leverage technology and create tools that empower users to be more productive and efficient. In recent years, the app has become a dominant tool for cultivating consumer loyalty. The consumer interacts with the brand while utilizing the services the brand has to offer. From health care to finance to retail, “there’s an app for that” because the user curve has reached the tipping point.

    From concept to execution we take you through the complete app building process.

    1. Digital app and product design
    2. Interaction design
    3. Functional prototypes
    4. Front-end and back-end web development
    5. Software engineering
    6. Data modeling and integration
    7. Technology strategy and architecture




Working across disciplines with our clients allows us
to rapidly design and test ideas together.

“Working with the Linnihan Foy team has been a great experience for Radco. They are a true asset to our company. Everything from ideation and strategic development to exceptional creative execution and media placement, they have helped us build Radco into an industry leader.”

Bob Joyce, Vice President, Radco Truck Accessory Centers