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Top Minneapolis agency Linnihan Foy celebrates 20 years of building brands

Respectful approach equals satisfied clients, employees, and partners

Minneapolis, MN – October 12, 2022 – Linnihan Foy, an independent, full-service agency specializing in the art and science of building brands, is commemorating 20 years of providing services.

“It’s very simple, but we run our agency on a principle of respecting people,” said Neal Linnihan, Linnihan Foy’s CEO. “For 20 years, our firm has shown the highest respect for our clients, their customers, and our staff. That respect is appreciated and is reflected in our work product, and I think it is one of the reasons we’ve thrived.”

Based in Northeast Minneapolis, Linnihan Foy provides services in areas including business and marketing consulting, creative expression, media planning and buying, public relations, social media/community management, digital marketing, and web design and development.

“We’re not the average agency,” said Sean Foy, the agency’s president and COO. “Our small size allows us to be nimble and produce high-quality results for our clients – quickly. We’re the perfect fit for businesses of various sizes who need holistic communications support, and as a result, we’ve developed a very diverse clientele.”

Linnihan Foy has clients in a wide range of industries: automotive, building and construction, retail, government, manufacturing, and consumer packaged goods.

“That variety in our client base keeps it interesting for all of us,” Linnihan said. “And our diversification allows us to stand strong against slumps in specific industries.”

Foy noted the agency has continued flying high despite the turbulence of recent years. “We’ve survived a global pandemic, societal unrest, multiple recessions,” he said, “and through all these difficult times, we’ve been growing thoughtfully.”

“In fact,” he added, “in 2021, which was a difficult year for everyone, we saw significant growth. We’re very proud of that . . . and we’re only looking forward from here.”

Launched in 2002 with a staff of 5, Linnihan Foy has added capabilities and personnel over time. Now with a staff of 32, the company has in-house capacity for design, videography, digital communications, public relations, and more.

“Because we’ve built this company around talented people,” Foy said, “we’ve been able to grow both our clientele and our staff size, getting better and better all the time.”

Agency work is sometimes stereotyped as frenzied and around-the-clock, but Linnihan and Foy make it a priority to ensure their employees have a good work/life balance.

“We’ve always made a point of maintaining a healthy working environment and atmosphere for employees,” said Linnihan. “The secret to a great output is having staff who have the energy and motivation to do their best work. Our people have balanced lives, and that only strengthens their creativity and quality of their performance.”

Linnihan Foy’s core service areas include:

  • Business and marketing consulting: As veterans of the business world, Linnihan Foy’s staff members draw from a wealth of experience and thought leadership in multiple industries. Linnihan Foy’s approach recognizes the complexity of connecting brands with audiences in today’s world, using strategy, project management and performance reporting.
  • Creative expression: Capacities such as brand creation and development, digital and traditional advertising, direct marketing, web design and development, and video production are all available in-house.    
  • Media planning and buying: Competitive and qualitative research, audience and post-buy analysis, reporting and reconciliation complement each other in Linnihan Foy’s comprehensive approach to media placement.
  • Public relations: Linnihan Foy’s publicity experts ensure clients have strong partners for media relations, event planning and execution, internal communications, reputation management, and other PR issues.
  • Social media/community management: Linnihan Foy’s strategic social media management leverages up-to-date technology and helps place client content where it is most likely to be consumed and shared by target audiences.
  • Digital marketing: Using today’s best practices across the digital space, Linnihan Foy’s in-house digital marketing division helps increase brand awareness and drive sales for our clients through SEO, content, social media, PPC, and more. 
  • Web design & development: From concept to execution, Linnihan Foy offers web development services including digital app and product design, front- and back-end web development, software engineering, tech strategy and creation, and more.

About Linnihan Foy

Linnihan Foy is a full-service marketing agency based in Northeast Minneapolis. For more than 20 years Linnihan Foy has been servicing clients both locally and globally. The experienced team specializes in cohesive and creative marketing campaigns — centered on a human-to-human, brand-building model.