Liv Tollefson - Linnihan Foy

Liv Tollefson

Media Director

From seeing the big picture to focusing on the smallest detail, Liv has the experience and insight to develop and implement creative, effective marketing strategies. Clients love her steady, reliable character. And so do we.

“I like a variety of projects, diverse clients, multitasking and deadlines. For me, this environment is energizing and challenging. As the middle child of three girls, it was often my job to negotiate and come up with solutions that made everyone happy. After working in theater management and marketing for an environmental engineering firm, I find myself completely immersed in things like marketing, media strategies and implementation – and a big part of that is working collaboratively with clients to get better results for their money and energy.”

“My life is shared with my husband, Greg, stepson, Alex and daughters, Zoe and Greta. Between work and home, I also manage to sneak in voice lessons to prepare for my imagined future on the Broadway stage.”
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    American Investors Bank
    Anthony, Ostlund, Baer,
    Louwagie & Ross
    Cargill Deicing
    Conwed Plastics
    Enviroscrub Technologies
    Fresh Wave
    Highland Banks
    Interstate Companies
    Johnson Screens
    Kinney & Lange
    Lake Minnetonka Assoc.
    Lemna Corporation
    Liquid Dynamics
    MN CPA
    Morrie’s Automotive Group
    Northwest Youth and Family Services
    OMI Industries
    Premier Wastewater
    Purac Engineering
    Radius Track
    Thern, Inc.
    Total Training Network
    US Filter Control Systems
    US Filter Envirex Products
    US Filter Memcor, Microfloc
    US Filter Municipal Market Group
    Vein Associates
    Vertical Net
    Water Online
    Western Bank
    Wilson Tool