Rebranding a Branding Leader

The Challenge
Vomela provides branding and visual communications for a variety of industries. Through a series of acquisitions, the company expanded rapidly nationwide — but as a result, its own branding became a patchwork of identities.

Vomela needed cohesive branding for internal unification and external connectivity to prevent missing out on valuable new business opportunities that come with strong brand equity. Facing this identity crisis, Vomela turned to Linnihan Foy to construct a unified brand for the company.

The Actions
To set Vomela on a successful path toward strong brand equity, Linnihan Foy completed a holistic identity refresh. Engaging a cross-functional team, the agency leveraged its brand strategy, creative design, digital advertising, web development, SEO and public relations capabilities to produce a 360-degree makeover.

Working closely with Vomela stakeholders, Linnihan Foy completed new brand storytelling, value messaging, visual identity, web development, asset creation and more for the company.

The Results
Through Linnihan Foy’s efforts, Vomela transformed itself from a fragmented “house of brands” to a cohesive “branded house.” The company now has a unified presence across most business units, positioning Vomela to truly make a national name for itself.

Early results include improved organic search rankings, significant increase in website traffic, above-industry-average ROI on paid social and search campaigns, increased sales due to marketing efforts and a 367% increase in media coverage year-over-year.