Increasing visibility and credibility for a science-based business

The Challenge
Linnihan Foy client EarthDaily Analytics uses data from numerous satellites to generate high-quality analysis suitable for geoanalytics applications. These include business planning in the agriculture value chain, served through the company’s EarthDaily Agro division.

EarthDaily needed to show its expertise and ability to compete with established leaders, but quality material to support customer acquisition was scarce. A number of barriers were identified: the complexity of the “Earth Observation” topic for customers who lacked technical knowledge, a lack of strong earned and social media presences, and a general need to cut through the noise and raise awareness of the benefits EarthDaily could provide to customers in various industries.

The Actions
Linnihan Foy developed a centralized content strategy. Partnering with EarthDaily subject matter experts, Linnihan Foy conducted story-mining to develop industry-tailored messaging and move prospects down the marketing funnel. This provided an engine to feed consistent multichannel communications. To increase exposure, content was cross-promoted across organic social media, demand- and lead-generation campaigns, and event partnerships.

Linnihan Foy used a hub-and-spoke model, with its earned media specialists driving targeted media coverage. In addition to press releases distributed across national and international newswires, Linnihan Foy conducted outreach to key media contacts to secure unique placements, developed key messaging, and conducted spokesperson training and preparation sessions. A mix of digital advertising channels, including Google Responsive Display ads and LinkedIn boosted posts and campaigns, was also used.

The Results
New content developed by Linnihan Foy provided fresh, engaging material for EarthDaily’s social channels, demand- and lead-generation efforts, and more. The company was able to develop a library of evergreen, in-depth, and industry-specific content pieces to support a seamless journey for its customers. Social media performance quadrupled, and efforts to target strategic media contacts across key industry verticals drove unique, high-quality media coverage. EarthDaily’s share of voice in the Earth Observation category increased, lending valuable third-party credibility to support both customer acquisition and investor relations.