Building Trust With New Audiences for an Information Security Expert

Accelerate2Compliance offers a platform that provudes dealers (auto, rv, powersports, marine, heavy truck) with a framework to achieve FTC compliance as it pertains to private, consumer information. They’re platform provides dealers with training resources, compliance assessments and safeguards that help make complicated compliance simple for dealerships. And they do so cost effectively.

With recent changes to FTC Safeguards requirements, A2C sought a partner to help amplify their brand, develop messaging and devise strategies to get in front of dealerships faced with the looming compliance deadline.

LF Work/Outcome
A2C partnered with LF to develop messaging that translated what A2C does into simple, understandable and actionable dealer terms.

We helped develop indisutry specific (RV, Auto, Powersports) collateral and messaging to serve decisions makers in the space.

We continue to assist with strategically targeted digital marketing that drives A2C awareness in each respective channel, and drives sales leads.

All told, we’ve enabled A2C to focus on what they’re good at (making sure dealers are compliant), and come in to manage effective messaging that drives leads/appointments for their sales team.