Creating and branding an auto mall

People don’t generally love car shopping – for many reasons. One of these reasons is the inconvenience of driving dealership to dealership. It takes hours, or sometimes even days. So, when we discovered that 11 impactful auto dealer brands were positioned in one location in Inver Grove Heights, MN, our creative gears began turning.

We leveraged our auto industry and account acumen to build strong relationships and trust with the dealers. These dealers had a unique opportunity to overcome a customer challenge in the auto industry – make car buying more convenient.

After many discussions and negotiations, we were able to bring together these dealer competitors to pool their resources and create a car shopping destination – Inver Grove Auto Mall. 11 brands. One convenient location. Your car shopping destination.

By focusing on dealer relationships, we were able to help build a brand that helps make car buying easy. Whether you live north, south, east or west, Inver Grove Auto Mall is easy to find.

After the initial brand strategy and development, Linnihan Foy helps the Inver Grove Auto Mall spread the word of car buying convenience through creative ad development paired with strategic media planning and implementation. This includes a mix of TV, radio and audio streaming media.