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Oh boy! A new look for Linnihan Foy.

DECEMBER 17, 2018

Re-Introduction in the Age of User Experience

by Neal Linnihan.

Change is a part of life. In an industry where it’s your job to stay ahead-of-the-curve, there’s no time to kick your feet up and coast.

At Linnihan Foy, we combine the art and science to build brands. Recently, we discovered an amazing opportunity with our brand. It was time to rally around what we do best. In response, we embarked on a journey to re-introduce Linnihan Foy.

The process. Engaging the user. We talked at length amongst ourselves. We interviewed employees, current and former clients and more. We examined what worked, and what didn’t.

We aligned what’s going on in the outside world with our customer experience. We were able to push beyond just a cosmetic expansion into new solution offerings, broader business consulting and simply greater value for our clients.

– Business & Marketing Consulting
– Creative Expression
– Media Planning & Buying
– Public Relations
– Social Media / Community Management
– Application Design & Development

This is the result. In addition, much of our refresh is what can’t be seen. We’ve tapped into our employee user experience, engaging them in ways that offer true value to them, and in turn, our clients.

I encourage you to look around. See the solutions we’ve provided to clients and how we may address your needs.

People, and organizations have it within themselves to create what they want in life. I invite you to look at your own organization. Are you up-to-speed? Are you aligned with your customers and responding to their true needs?

In this age of user experience, if the answer is cloudy, let’s connect.