It takes expertise to communicate your expertise.

We bring a deep understanding of a number of industries along with a trove of collective experience, insights and tools. We are business-minded, creative problem solvers up for any challenge. When you partner with us, you get diverse teams from multiple disciplines thoroughly immersed in the work. The process is seamless. The work gets results.
  • Banking & Finance

    Let’s increase the equity in your brand.

    Effective marketing is money in the bank. In the highly competitive financial industry, we help you tell your story. We identify what makes your brand special. We define your unique selling proposition and bring it to life in ways that captivate and persuade new and existing customers and businesses.

    Linnihan Foy serves as the marketing arm of numerous financial and banking organizations on a local, regional and national level. No client is too big or too small to benefit from our resources. Be it a simple logo refresh to building a complete identity incorporating all the tactics needed for a successful campaign, we have the expertise and tools to make it happen.


  • Building & Construction

    Build your brand and they will come.

    We are uniquely positioned to help our building and construction clients succeed. Years of immersion have given us a dynamic perspective of the industry across the construction supply chain. From the architects who design the projects and the building materials included in the spec to the equipment that moves the earth and the contractors who manage the construction, we understand the complete picture.

    CemstoneSchwingSource GroupVeit

  • Consumer Package Goods

    Moving at the speed of retail.

    The retail revolution continues to unfold. Will brick and mortar succumb to e-commerce? How can they complement each other? With mass adoption of voice interfaces (Amazon Alexa, Google Home etc.), CPG brands in particular will need to market directly to AI assistants who harbor deep customer data. In this new environment of automated shopping, improving brand preference will require a dynamic approach to optimize positioning on AI platforms while continuing to nurture direct relationships with consumers.


  • Environmental

    We create content that helps you clean up.

    Few agencies in the country possess our level of expertise in the environmental sector. Our depth of understanding enables us to get directly to the solution with potent results. From water treatment technologies to soil remediation to air purification to the complex world of agriculture, our environmental experience gives us a breadth and depth of understanding that benefits you from day one.

    Aerator SolutionsCharter Machine CompanyEcolab Healthcare GISEcologicOMI IndustriesEcolab Water, Energy & WasteOptimaticsUS FilterWaterous

  • Fire Service

    Igniting the brands that help to extinguish the flames.

    We have huge admiration for the firefighting community. Over the course of more than a decade working with an industry leader, we’ve accumulated significant industry knowledge. We’re familiar with manufacturing challenges – the regulations, the sensitivities and the priorities. We understand how the market works and all the channels involved. It’s a privilege to know we are helping firefighters do their work more effectively and safely.


  • Government

    Our work gets the vote.

    At Linnihan Foy, we have the knowledge and experience to help our clients attract RFPs, submit stellar proposals under GSA requirements and ultimately secure lucrative government contracts.

    We have a successful track record marketing our clients at the federal, state and local levels of government. Our deep history working with clients that support government operations (water treatment, fire service, transportation infrastructure, military) positions us to help you strategically grow business within the government arena.

    Cargill DeicingGreater St. Cloud Development CorporationHennepin CountyMN DPS

  • Legal Services

    You practice the law of the land. We practice the laws of marketing.

    From product liability law firms to personal injury law firms to regional leaders in corporate law, Linnihan Foy has extensive experience in legal marketing. For years, we’ve been helping personal injury, family law and criminal defense law firms develop and promote their brands. Whether you’re seeking corporate or consumer clients, our legal expertise offering includes brand strategy, creative development and cross-channel media to help you and your attorneys attract the right clients.

    Bowman & BrookeMeshbesher & Spence

  • Manufacturing

    Strong marketing turns the wheels of industry faster.

    From new product launches to executing complex yearly marketing plans, Linnihan Foy has the tools and experience to implement industrial product marketing initiatives. Our exposure to industrial products, processes and services is unparalleled. From liquid-solid separation to material handling to industrial automation, we come with a broad base of knowledge. Being well-versed means we understand how to explain your product or service without overwhelming your audience.

    Banner EngineeringCirrus TechERMCFeatherlite ExhibitsL&M RadiatorMidwest AutomationOMI IndustriesPride EngineeringRange SystemsSJESymtecWaterousWilson ToolWinsted

  • Medical & Healthcare

    Best outcome? That’s our approach, too.

    Medical technology and healthcare organizations innovate and morph at a rate faster than just about any other industry. New healthcare laws further accelerate the changes. In an arena where everything is new, the story is always evolving. We help you remain relevant and vital by communicating to the right departments, offices and decision-makers effectively and efficiently.

    Our experience ranges from medical devices to healthcare enterprise systems to clinical services to drug testing panels and beyond.

    Clinical Reference LaboratoryEcolab Healthcare GISHennepin County Medical CenterHealthEZNorthwest Eye Clinic

  • Metal Fabrication

    We craft things that talk about how you fabricate things.

    Whether you’re forming, fabricating, welding or finishing, we’ve got the experience to help you connect with the metalworking marketplace. Take advantage of our years of industry experience, customer insights and relationships with key media providers.

    We’ll create a comprehensive communications plan outlining an integrated approach that leverages the most effective methods of reaching your target. We’ll consider multiple disciplines for the best ROI, spanning business strategy, creative development, cross channel media, digital tool design and performance reporting.

    AccustreamERMCGKDWilson Tool

  • Oil & Gas

    Tap into our reserves of knowledge and experience.

    The oil and gas market is broad. The opportunities are vast and ever-changing. While the obvious target is the end user, we work with clients who find their success within the drilling and processing of oil and gas, from down hole screens, e-line and snubbing operations to odor control at petrochemical plants, industrial pumps and more.

    We use our competitive knowledge, firsthand experience and passion for this industry to market the tools that make oil and gas production easier, more efficient and ultimately more profitable for you.

    Cased HoleDelta Screens

  • Retail

    We compel consumers to open their wallets in the name of you.

    Cultivating successful sales in the retail world begins with a strategic, integrated marketing plan. A mix of tools including compelling advertising, strategically placed media buys and targeted public relations effectively drive business to your store or website. Combined with point of sale signage and provocative package design, the result is a successful sale.

    Along with advertising, branding is an invaluable retail marketing tool. In a world where products can be so similar, consumers need a compelling reason to choose you over the competition. The intangible value of building a strong brand goes a long way in the purchase decision. Once consumers align and embrace your brand, loyalty runs deep.

    Morrie's Automotive GroupRazrSchneiderman's FurnitureTesco

“Linnihan Foy is a true partner to Pride Engineering. They are proactive in developing solutions that help grow our business. The work they have done for our brand has truly helped us stand out and be noticed by customers and industry peers.”

Greg Pickert – President, Pride Engineering

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