A great product called on us to shine more light on its brand

Putco is a well-known manufacturer of after-market automotive accessories, as well as a pioneer in the interior automotive lighting industry. From fender flairs to bumper rails, they have it all. Looking to combine exterior accessories with interior lighting capabilities, the Luminix brand was born. The Luminix line of products features top of the line light bars, head lamps, bumper grill inserts and more. Thanks to our experience in the automotive industry, Putco sought the help of Linnihan Foy Advertising to raise awareness of the Luminix brand and bring it to a national level. After identifying Luminix’s core markets, we developed several microsites directed towards truck enthusiasts, outdoorsmen and construction. Then, we proceeded to launch a nationwide digital campaign around various Luminix products. These campaigns have resulted in millions of impressions and a large increase in brand awareness.