Andy Benedict - Linnihan Foy

Andy Benedict

Digital Strategist

Andy is a skilled strategist that focuses on experience. With an extensive background in automotive marketing, Andy knows that success is in the details, working with his clients to foster clear and timely campaigns. “My diverse methodology towards problem solving allows me to build useful tools to answer complex problems. Strategy is all about making difficult decisions.”

“Automotive marketing can be a lot of fun. I had the opportunity to work on the launch of the largest BMW dealership (at the time). One of my tasks was to fill the service department with enough business to pay the rent. I learned some great insight on how the alignment of marketing messaging and in-store experience need to jive.”

When not working, Andy is just as observant. After spending years traveling the globe, he noticed how alike people can be. “Residents of big cities share habits if not language; farming towns all display a hard work ethic and mining towns have seen better days.” 

“My time is now centered around my family. There are six of us, plus a cat, hamster, fish, and zero dull moments.”