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Brand building for brands that build

Linnihan Foy has a deep understanding of the building and production marketplace and knows what it takes to stand out. When we put this knowledge to work for you, we can help you distinguish your offerings in the market and grow your customer base.

We’ll help your building or construction company grow in the age of the modern buyer.

1. We are uniquely positioned to help our building and construction clients succeed.

For more than 20 years, we’ve built unmatched expertise in the so-called “hard hat” industries. This experience gives us a dynamic perspective of the industry across the construction supply chain. From the architects who design the projects and the building materials included in the spec to the equipment that moves the earth and the contractors who manage the construction, we understand the complete picture. We pride ourselves on being able to jump into any project, accelerate our learning curve and hit the ground running, developing a sound growth strategy.

2. We understand how your market works.

Over the decades, we’ve learned an awful lot about building and construction industry challenges, like cyclical demands, ever-evolving costs and that the B2B construction sales cycle can be very long (just to name a few).

We know that engineers, architects and designers are interested in specifications and sustainability. We know that builders are looking at costs and timelines, and owners and operators desire increased performance and reduced operating costs. More importantly, our strategic approach and effective messaging ensures that you reach the right audience at the right time to help build your brand and grow your pipeline.

We can help you generate and convert leads, increase visibility, improve branding and get the jobs you need to stay busy all year.

3. We’re well-connected.

Our long-standing relationships within the industry help our clients in a number of ways. Our media ties continually help our clients get more and better coverage. Our knowledge and relationships with rep firms help our clients improve their sales network. And our many connections with industry players lead to strategic alliances or merger and acquisition opportunities.

4. Specialized expertise. Senior-level professionals.

In an age of specialization, we have all the seasoned professionals in all disciplines that matter to create a well-oiled marketing effort: marketing strategists, writers, designers, digital strategists, search marketers, videographers, media planners, social media specialists and traditional media planners.

5. Fully integrated marketing under one roof.

Linnihan Foy is a fully integrated marketing resource. We have all the services that can create or refresh your brand and connect you with your audience. That makes for a seamless brand experience and less hassle in managing your marketing.

– Branding
– Business consulting
– Digital and traditional advertising
– Direct marketing
– Marketing strategy and management
– Media planning and buying
– Public relations
– Social media
– Video production and animation
– Website design and development

6. Immediate impact. Better marketing.

With little or no learning curve, we are plug and play. We can efficiently and effectively manage your complete marketing efforts or dovetail into your current capabilities. Ultimately, our experience and insight helps our building and construction industry clients get better, more focused marketing to help them grow.
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