Increasing Market Share for a Quality Building Materials Manufacturer

The Challenge
Foam It Green supplies foam spray to keep residential spaces safe, clean and comfortable. While the company is unsurpassed in the quality of their product, the lack of widespread understanding about insulation options means consumers often assume that all foam sprays are alike.

What Foam It Green needed was to differentiate themselves. A strong brand story would be key to capturing market share and demonstrating to consumers that insulation options are anything but one-size-fits-all.

The Actions
Working with Foam It Green, Linnihan Foy identified the company’s website as a top growth opportunity for the brand. With many insulation choices available, company websites were often the first place consumers turned to when researching their options.

To help Foam It Green put their best foot forward, Linnihan Foy overhauled the company’s website from the ground up, harnessing the agency’s full-service design, content and development capabilities to bring the brand’s new website to life.

The Results
A first impression can only be made once, and with a strong, new website developed by Linnihan Foy, Foam It Green is now positioned to separate themselves from the pack and showcase their unique value to consumers.

Foam It Green’s new site created by Linnihan Foy has set the company up for continued growth through new customer acquisition. With project guides and more, Foam It Green’s overhauled website repositions the company from a straightforward provider of materials to a true DIY partner.