Creating a Targeted Marketing Strategy for a Small Video Game Publisher

The video game space is crowded with the largest brands making the most noise and taking up the most space, but GameMill is a small video game publisher. They needed our help to increase consumer awareness of the game titles they release each year.

We created landing pages for each title that directed customers to retailers where they could purchase the games. We created three campaigns for each title: Announce, Launch, and Holiday. The campaigns consisted of digital advertising, mostly on social media platforms. We created highly targeted audiences based on the demographics for each game, ranging from parents of young children to teenage gamers to 45-55+ classic car enthusiasts. We made all of the creative, developed the strategies for each campaign and channel, optimized the campaigns, and reported on everything.

We consistently achieved below average Cost Per Million (CPM) getting in front of the most eyeballs possible for our budgets. With the success of our awareness-based campaigns we moved toward engagement-based campaigns as the titles produced by GameMill became more elevated. The Launch campaign for their most successful “brawler” game title had a Cost per Acquisition (CPA) of less than $4 by the end of the campaign. We also garnered over 35,000 likes on our first TikTok ad for the title. We moved GameMill onto new platforms to capitalize on the target audiences provided, including Hulu, Reddit, TikTok, and Instagram.