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Branding with your gaming face on

Casinos to video game developers, building a brand is more than showing your cards and grabbing your winnings. You’ve got to earn the win. It’s done with attention grabbing creative to match the excitement of the game. Creative messaging, print and digital, packaging and PR. It’s no crapshoot. Linnihan Foy believes the odds favor the bold. Risk is minimized by smart thinking, planning and execution. Then the chips, points and rewards stack up. And so do the customers. Gamers aren’t interested in the dull. Neither are we.

Hey, gaming industry, let’s take it to the next level.

1. The insight to navigate the challenges in the complex and extremely competitive gaming sector.

Find a way to win. The name of the game. Know the rules, find an edge, eye on the prize. And sell, sell, sell the experience. Our experience in gaming allows us to identify the experience you offer. What makes your pot of gold any different. What makes you the grand prize. We don’t work from a blueprint. Ace up our sleeve? We don’t have one other than digging in and outthinking the problem and the competition. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s what gaming is all about.

2. A trusted partner in the gaming sector.

We’re already in the game. With our casino and developer clients we do know what we know. But always curious and with a healthy appetite to know more — and particularly know you. As we see it, there’s no value to you if we can’t craft you unique creative platform. Uncover your unique selling platform. We’re proud of the success generated for our gaming clients, but it’s the next spin, the next chance, and going to the next level is where the real excitement lies.

Capitalizing on the rapid growth of the casino and gaming industry requires a marketing strategy that resonates with current clientele and new clientele.

3. Specialized expertise. Senior-level professionals.

In an age of specialization, we have all the seasoned professionals in all disciplines that matter to create a well-oiled marketing effort: marketing strategists, writers, designers, digital strategists, search marketers, videographers, media planners, social media specialists and traditional media planners.

4. Fully integrated marketing under one roof.

Linnihan Foy is a fully integrated marketing resource. We have all the services that can create or refresh your brand and connect you with your audience. That makes for a seamless brand experience and less hassle in managing your marketing.

– Branding
– Business consulting
– Digital and traditional advertising
– Direct marketing
– Marketing strategy and management
– Media planning and buying
– Public relations
– Social media
– Video production and animation
– Website design and development

5. Immediate impact. Better marketing.

With little or no learning curve, we are plug and play. We can efficiently and effectively manage complete marketing efforts or dovetail into a company’s current capabilities. Ultimately our experience and insight helps our water industry clients get better, more focused marketing to help them grow.
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