Enabling New Sales Channels for a Commercial Furniture Leader

Plymold is a manufacturer for metal framed furniture for demanding environments. Most people don’t know them by name, but have likely sat in a chair, booth, barstool or at a table that Plymold has made in a restaurant, cafeteria or other similar environment.

They are a MN based, employee owned company that has served the space for decades.

Plymold has built a successful business based on building a great product and word of mouth efforts (customers and internal sales team) to drive business. With an eye to increase sales, they realized that they needed an all-new website presence.

Plymold came to Linnihan Foy to build a modern website that provided an enhanced ecommerce experience. Ecommerce sales is a key future growth area, so streamlining the UI, UX and merchandising capabilities was very important.

Moreover, building it on a current platform architecture that’s built for the future of was important.

We built them a new website that married the flexibility of WordPress with the WooCommerce ecommerce engine. Whereas the old site made it very diffidult to discern one product from another, the new site was built so customers can quickly and dynamically spec out their product of interest, whether it’s a chair, barstool, table, booth, seating cluster or casegood. LF developed stronger narratives telling the Plynold story and why folks should choose Plymold for Food Service, Retail, C-Store, educational, government and other related applications.