Chippewa Valley Mazda - Linnihan Foy

New ONEderful Experience


Chippewa Valley Mazda, a long-time pillar of the Chippewa Valley community in west-central Wisconsin found itself in a new and unique situation. Once part of a well-known Midwestern dealership group, Chippewa Valley Mazda spun off and solidified its status as a locally connected, and now locally owned, independent dealership. Bolstered by a strong reputation operating in the area for many years and the continuity of maintaining the same operations team, Chippewa Valley Mazda had to set itself apart from its prior dealer group affiliation, evolve its brand identity and develop a holistic marketing plan that further strengthened the organization’s impact on the local community.


Presented with a blank slate, our team had the exciting opportunity to build an evolved identity, develop a meaningful brand promise and craft brand narratives that contribute to a truly ONEderful dealership experience. After developing the new, ONEderful approach to vehicle ownership at Chippewa Valley Mazda, we set to work tailoring an ongoing marketing plan to align with planning volume, achieve organizational goals and ultimately focus on a strengthening community connection. A constructive, ongoing work-session cadence was established to ensure all marketing efforts are constantly adjusted to align with key business objectives.


  • A new and improved, ONEderful brand identity that maintains core attributes of the old entity, yet further cements a meaningful connection with the local community served.
  • Double digit growth in website traffic, triple digit increases in shopper engagement and increases in associated leads, phone calls and showroom visits.
  • Financial results that greatly exceeded year-one projections