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Teaching the world to Buy Happy®


You have to be on your toes to succeed in the automotive industry. With market saturation and industry trends that shift on a daily basis, auto dealers must remain on an innovative forefront to maintain sales and retain customers.

Morrie’s Automotive embodies the features of a challenger brand to a tee. With willingness and a desire to always innovate, Morrie’s partners with Linnihan Foy to help move the sales needle and shake up the auto industry.


Spanning a 16-year agency and 30-year personal relationship, Linnihan Foy is fully ingrained in Morrie’s Automotive. Going beyond the traditional offerings of an advertising firm, we provide in-depth business consulting and strategy development for every aspect of the Morrie’s business, helping them increase their footprint across the Midwest.

This next level consulting requires a hands-on approach to Morrie’s business and brand. Specifically, Linnihan Foy has helped develop and grow three intrinsic Morrie’s brands: Morrie’s Automotive Group, Morrie’s Auto Buy Happy and Morrie’s Luxury Beyond Happy.

On the business side, our partnership with Morrie’s has helped secure key point wins in the Twin Cities Metro area.

  • Advertising
  • Brand development
  • Business consulting
  • Business strategy
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Digital marketing (PPC)
  • Messaging
  • Public relations
  • Radio creative
  • TV creative
  • Website creative


Since 2008, Morrie’s Automotive sales volume has increased by 140 percent.

With business consultation, we’ve helped Morrie’s secure a Honda point and Jaguar Land Rover point with a combined value of $25 million.

While maintaining a 16-year partnership with Morrie’s Automotive, Linnihan Foy has grown a wealth of inherent industry knowledge in dealer and regional automotive marketing and business strategy.