Trustone Financial - Linnihan Foy

The name conveys trust. We made sure the branding does too.


Every bank promises low APRs, free checking accounts and great customer service. In this highly competitive category, TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union needed a marketing campaign that would make them unique and likeable.


Creating a strategy for everyone to rally around.
TruStone Financial is a great fit for the younger demographic put off by big banks. TruStone Financial is your neighborhood credit union, is the strategy. Now we needed a creative execution that would appeal to people’s emotions. The message would serve as a platform for guiding the brand forward.


The neighborly thing to do.
TruStone Financial is genuinely committed to improving the lives of people in the community. The campaign, “The neighborly thing to do,” conveys this truth in an unexpected way. “We’re here, we’re local and we treat you like a neighbor.” Nobody else can say it because nobody else lives up to it like TruStone Financial. Not only is it a rally cry to our customers, it’s a mantra for all of our employees to live by.