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Revving up your presence in the marketplace

We’ve been working with and for car dealerships since 1987. In that time, we’ve been an integral part of the success and growth of one of the biggest dealership groups in the country. Today, Linnihan Foy has assembled a team of car minds hailing from the auto industry, marketing agencies and car dealerships. Our specialty is driving client success through smart strategy, branding and tactical advertising programs that give dealerships and auto groups a clear differentiating identity.

Expertise in every lane.

A good brand promise resonates. It is uniquely you.
We build brands that stand apart from the rest. Everybody has their own story to tell. We help you tell yours.
Community engagement. Becoming the only dealership people think of.
The tighter you become with your community, the more loyalty you create. We’ll show you how to reach the hearts and minds of those who will come to be your best customers.
Loyalty is 10 times more valuable.
The repeat customer is your number one advocate. Acknowledge their loyalty and they will continue to come.
Your website is your dealership. Make it work.
Customers may find you through a third-party site. But from there, it’s all about giving them what they’re looking for seamlessly and comfortably.
Content is king.
Directors, shooters, writers, editors, we’ve got the people to create your content. When customers like what you have to show, they come back for more.

Results through innovation.

Increased awareness from 22% from 2017 to 2018.
Co-created Drive To Compare offsite car shopping platform.
Created tools that bring more transparency to the online car shopping experience.

Specialized expertise. Senior-level professionals.

In an age of specialization, we have all the seasoned professionals required to create a well-oiled marketing engine. We have assembled the best and brightest strategists, writers, designers, digital strategists, search marketers, videographers, media planners, social media specialists and traditional media planners.

Fully integrated marketing under one roof.

We can efficiently and effectively manage complete marketing efforts or dovetail into your current capabilities.

– Branding
– Digital and traditional advertising
– Marketing strategy and management
– Media planning and buying
– Public relations
– Social media
– Video production and animation
– Website design and development

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